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FAQ / Kooky Gems

Can you change or shorten the chain in sale item?

Unfortunately sale items are sold as they are unless it says other in the item description. 


What payment methods can I use?

You can pay your order with the most common credit cards by Paypal. If you are placing an order from Finland, you can also process Visa or MasterCard payment through Paytrail. Bank transfer from Finnish bank accounts is also available through Paytrail.


I didn´t get an order confirmation after placing an order?

You should receive an order confirmation within an hour or so after placing your order. If you did not get it, please contact us at with the date you placed your order and your name, and we will check what has happened. 


Can I make an order without opening an account?

Sure you can.

How do I use gift voucher or discount code?

When ordering, you will be tranfered to a page where you choose the payment method. Before choosing the method, on the same page is a place for the Discount code. After adding the code and choosing the payment method, you move on to the next page and the cart will automatically be updated with the discount. If the discount doesn´t work, please double check it, and also check the date it is valid for. If these are no help, please contact us by email or phone. 


I forgot/ didn´t know how to use the discount code. Can I get the money back afterwords?

Unfortunately we cannot refund the money or give vouchers from discount codes not used. It is on buyers responsibility to use the discount code properly and make sure the discount is applied before placing the order. We are happy to assist you within our office hours on how to use the code but this must be done before placing the order as we do not refund them after the order has been placed and paid. If you cannot for some reason make your discount code work, please contact us before placing the order if you wish to use the discount. Please bear in mind that if the code ends at midnight, you must contact us early enough within our office hours to get assistance. We unfortunately cannot re-active the code once it has been expired.


What are the shipping costs?

Shipping to Finland is 2.50€ per order, including as many items as you wish. To all other countries it is 5€, also including as many items as you wish.

How quickly will you send my order?

In the News section you can find when is our next shipping date. If there are exceptions such as a holiday, we will let you know about them in News section at frontpage. 

I don´t live in Finland, can I still order from you?

Yes you can, we are offering worldwide delivery. If you cannot find your country in the list, contact us and we´ll sort it.


I am allergic to nickel, can I wear Kooky Gems?

Of course you can. All our jewelry components and chains are nickel free.  All jewelry is also lead and cadmium free.

How recycled is the jewelry in Recycled Gems?

For every piece, we explain in the item description which parts are recycled and which new. All jewelry components like the earring hooks and chains are new as we need to be able to guarantee that they are nickel free. Recycled means us something that has actually been used before, not something we purchase new and use for other purpose. That is why recycled collection is ecological. As parts are recycled they might have minor marks on them but we always make sure it is nothing too visible.

How do I store and take care of my acrylic jewelry?

Acrylic jewelry needs to be stored separately from other jewelry as it can get scrathes from for example earring hooks. It also does not like to be dropped or really cold minus temperatures. Also be careful to add your hairspray and perfume before putting on your jewelry on as they can cause stains.

Acrylic jewelry can be cleaned with wiping it with a piece of soft cloth. If something has spilled on it, it can be wiped with a damp piece of cloth and afterwards with dry one. Most of time wiping with a dry cloth is enough.

Can I go swimming or take a shower with my jewellery on?

Not without ruining them. Jewelry might get loose or the colors might change so jewelry needs to be taken off before swimming or showering. Rings should also be taken off before washing your hands as the dampness that stays between the ring and you ringer lets bacteria grow. Some of our jewelry is splash proof only, so please read the item description well.

How do I look after my jewelry?

Store them well away from the sun rays and heat and do not store them on the damp space like bathroom either. Necklaces are best kept hanging. Take them off before going to bed, taking a shower, swimming or doing sports. Also take rings off before washing your hands and dry your fingers well before putting them back on. the dampness between ring and finger can cause bacteria to grow, which can cause difference in color or even rash to some with sensitive skin.

Jewelry that is next to your skin, is good to wipe clean once in while with dry cloth to get rid of the bacteria. It is best to put your jewelry on last after adding hairspray and perfume.

What if I drop my jewelry and it breaks?

Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible on items broken beacuse they are dropped. It doesn´t necessary always break when dropped, it depends on the angle it falls down and on which surface. But as any other delicate item, it can break down so please take good care of them. 

Which shops can I purchase Kooky Gems from?

Our products are sold in variety of shops in Finland and abroad. Please contact us at and let us know where you live and we will get back to you with the retailers located closest to you.

I am buying necklace as a gift. Can you send it straight to the receiver?

Sure we can and we can also add a note from you if you wish. Unfortunately we cannot wrap the present as it need to be protected with bubble foam for the delivery.

Please take into consideration that if you want to order items to yourself and get the present send straight to someone, you will need to place two separate orders for these. Also if you want us to send the present straight to someone in abroad and you live in Finland, you need to pay the foreign postage costs. 

Can I buy Kooky Gems for children?

We do not recommend purchasing our items to small children and if you do so, it is at your own responsibility. Kooky Gems is made for adults with adult measurements and they need to be handled as jewelry and are not suitable for playing. For bigger children jewelry can be purchased but it needs to be checked that they know how to use and store the jewelry properly and this is strickly always at buyers responsibility.

I would like to use some of the material on your webpage for my own purposes. Can I do that?

Not without asking, and getting a written permission from us first. All texts and pictures are copyright by Kooky Gems. If you want to add a piece of text from our webpage straight to your blog, you need to show the source. In any circumstances you are not allowed to copy any text or pictures to your own website or copy or company description for your own use. If you need material for other projects always ask a permission by email.

If you have a fashion blog, you can use pictures from our website but make sure you always link back on us.

How does your newsletter work?

You can join our mailing list at our website or sending us an email at You can also cancel the subscription the same way or by the link in the end of newsletter. We will send an email about once a month. letting you know of new product lines, sale or discount campaigns etc. We never send it more often than twice a month. By joining our mailing list you can actually save money as we sometimes have discount campaigns that we only send info by newsletter to our regular customers.

I saw earlier this jewelry in your shop but cannot find it now. Is it still possible for me to buy it?

You can contact us by email and describe what product it is and we will check if we still have it. Some of our items are one-offs or only as few pieces, so when they are gone, they are no longer available.

I would like my chain with different lenght, can you do that?

Yes, we are able do that when it is mentioned in item description. It is done without any extra charge up to 100cm long for silver color chain. The ball chain comes at the lenght mentioned in the description, but can easily be altered shorter if needed. Just add a note when placing the order. Please take into consideration that items that are altered according the customers wish, cannot not be returned as they are consider to be measure made. 

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