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Alina travel crad cover gold glitter

Price10.50€  15.00€
Manufacturer Kooky Gems


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Gorgeous Alina travel card cover in vintage gold tone glitter to cheer up your daily commute. As most of us use travel card daily, we wanted to create a cover for it that makes you smile every time you take it out. Alina card cover are made in Helsinki.

Helsinki Area travel card machines are able to read your card through the covers, so you do not need to take the card out of the covers when entering a bus. Machines used in other areas we have no experience of,  but if they can read your card through wallet or bag, they probably can read it through the glitter too.

Alina card cover is designed for credit card size travel card but nothing stops you from using it with other same size or smaller cards for example when going out.

On the first week of use some odd glitters might fall off but that is because the cover is brand new. After first week it doensn't come off but stays really well, however we do not recommend keeping it in the same pocket with items that would scratch it such as keys. 




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