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Glitter Lips lipstick red

Manufacturer Beauty Boulevard


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Glitter Lips lipstick in classic red. Glitter lipstick is a real statement and care free too as it stays up to eight hours even when eating and drinking. Glitter doesn't spread around your face but stays on lips and it is of course kiss proof too.

Lipstick is applied in two parts, first thin layer of gloss. Gloss is white when spreading it but turns transparent in few seconds, after that you can spread good layer of glitter on top of the gloss. It is best done one lip at the time, after applying both lips, you can dust off any excess glitter and you are good to go. You don't have to fix the lipstick during the evening and you are able to eat and drink too. After the night out, you can remove the lipstick with any oil based make-up remover or even with coconut oil.

Package includes all you need to apply the lipstick; gloss, glitter and pad to apply it with, as well as manual.

Glitter lipstick is tested and meets EU standards fro cosmetic products.

Gloss bond: Acrylates Copolymer, Aqua. Glitter: Polyester/Epoxy Copolymer Aluminium CI, pigments




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